Avast! + Google Chrome – Will Browsing Internet Be Faster And Safer?

Avast!, a run-time antivirus software is a darling for many of the internet users! If you are an Avast! user, you might be in really good company  since Avast has over 100 Million users.

After achieving those big numbers, Avast has now decided to pair up with Google Chrome to bring you a fast and secure browser along with a widely used Antivirus solution.  This would be implemented from mid-November of the coming year (2010) along with its new release of version 5.

The users who install the new version of Avast! will be notified (or more exactly recommended) to install Google Chrome browser along with it, provided the computer doesn’t have Google Chrome. The Avast! blog states,

Personally, I think Google Chrome is an exciting new browser. As you can see below it is very clean—a single menu bar and a combined search/url entry window.   It also launches very fast, its source code is open source, and most important for Avast users, it has some real neat features that complement the Avast security.

With his words, the CEO of the Avast! makes it clear that he is a fan of Google Chrome browser like many others. A Google spokesman commented about the agreement.

Users’ response to Google Chrome has been outstanding, and we’re continuing to explore ways to make Chrome accessible to even more people. This could potentially include distribution via a number of channels, such as the distribution we are currently doing with Avast.

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