Authorized Steve Jobs biography will include resignation details

Earlier this month it was reported that the release of the authorized Steve Jobs biography was preponed to November 21st. Also, a new cover was introduced for the biography.

Steve Jobs Biography Cover

Today, Publisher Simon & Schuster told  PC Magazine  that the author of the forthcoming book, entitled “Steve Jobs: A Biography,”  is still hard at work on completing the biography. Spokeswoman Tracey Guest reportedly said that Walter Isaacson “speaks to Jobs regularly and is still working on the final chapter of the book.” In addition, the biography will include details about his resignation from Jobs’ perspective.

Simon & Schuster’s description of the book states that Jobs “asked for no control over what was written nor even the right to read it before it was published. He put nothing off limits and instead encouraged the people he knew to speak honestly — even foes, former girlfriends, and colleagues he had once fired or infuriated.”

Many unauthorized books about Steve Jobs have been previously published, but this is the first official one ever.

Previously, the book was supposed to be titled “iSteve: The Book of Jobs”, but was recently changed to “Steve Jobs: A Biography”. In addition, the book was set to arrive in 2012, but this month it was preponed to Nov. 21, 2011. The book is currently available for preorder from Amazon in both hardcover and a digital Kindle edition. I ordered my copy, did you?

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