Serious Attack on EU Bodies and a Possible Security Breach

The European Union has faced a massive cyber-attack, of a scale so high, that it has asked members to change their passwords, and has shut all access to their intranet and the email-servers. This sounds like a breach has already taken place and the EU was unable to prevent it. Disconnecting their computers from the network was the only probably solution.


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The European Union was about to discuss critical strategies on the current war in Libya besides other discussions.

Antony Gravili, the spokesperson for the inter-institutional relations and administration commissioner, told the BBC News,

We are already taking urgent measures to tackle this. An inquiry’s been launched. This isn’t unusual as the commission is frequently targeted.

The attacks are speculated to have a link to the attack on the French foreign-ministry where files related to the G20 summit were attacked. There is no word yet on whether any computers are affected or not. However, a prompt shutdown has indeed been successful in mitigating some of the risk. The EU has also taken additional precaution in asking users to renew their login credentials.

There has been an alarming increase of attacks on the government in recent months. EU has already issued an investigation and the findings of the investigation will reveal some interesting data.



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