Now Attach Any File To Your Evernote Notebooks

evernote-logoAnyone who makes a full time living by writing for the web knows the importance and value of a cross platform note taking application. I have been following the Write it downphilosophy for years and Evernote has been my best friend ever since.

Whether I am scrolling through my RSS reader or writing something, I always use Evernote to quickly jot down ideas, notes, deadlines and reminders. The best thing with Evernote is that I can attach videos, images and links to my notes from any computer or from my Android, so this helps me stay focused on the work I am currently doing and refer to an earlier note later.

The good news for Evernote users is that now you can now upload and attach almost any file type to your Evernote notebooks. Previously, Evernote only allowed PDF, images, text and audio attachments in your notebooks but the company has lifted this restriction recently. Now you can upload almost any file type to your Evernote account, which may include ZIP files, PSD templates, FLV videos and so on.


There are two advantages of this new enhancement. First, all your files remain accessible from a single and visually searchable location. No longer you have to find an old email attachment from your ever expanding inbox or pull out your external hard drive, just to find a very old document. Whenever you receive something that you think you may need later, it’s a good idea to quickly open your Evernote desktop client, write down a small note and upload the file as an attachment. 2 years later, you can find the same file from your online Evernote account, so it doesn’t matter whether you have shifted to a new office or your computer has been replaced during that time.

And since you have the ability to attach a custom text note to the file attachment, you would probably have more information and data to start with. This is far better than file sync services like Dropbox, which will sync only the file but not any custom note you may want to attach to the file.

Smartphone and mobile users can use this same feature to upload podcasts, audio recordings and videos to their Evernote notebooks, directly from their phones. This is very useful when you are attending a meeting and want a central location to archive text notes and upload files or attachments to the same note you wrote just a few minutes back. And since every notebook in Evernote can be shared with anyone, you can share a complete project with your colleagues without having to separately send the files as email attachments. Nice!

Please note that Evernote has only lifted the restriction for file types and the older restrictions for file size still hold good. Free users can make a single note of up to 25MB in size and can upload up to 60MBs of new stuff every month, while Premium users can make a single note of up to 50MB and can upload up to 1GB of new stuff every month.

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