AT&T Pogo Browser a 3D Browsing Experience

If you are awaiting the release of Firefox 3 to make your browsing life better then I guess you should wait a little more longer for a browser named Pogo from AT&T. Now if you are asking me why do I need another web browser?

Well when I saw the browser in action I was truly amazed and am eagerly awaiting its arrival for users. You can bet I would be one of the early adopters.

Some of the features than enhance the browser to give you a 3D experience and more are

  • PogoDock – A start page built in within the browser that allows you to dock your favorite websites so that you can access them easily whenever you want to.
  • Visual Tabbed Browsing
  • Organize and tag your favorites into collections
  • Keep track of your searches with ease.

Check out the video done by Robert Scoble which analyzes how the Pogo Browse works.

For all those who are curious the browser is based on the Mozilla engine so you can be sure you are still getting the stability and security Firefox provides you with lots and lots of more additional features.

If you are impressed with the video and want to get the browser for yourself then your in for a bit of a setback, the browser is only private beta right now and you can only download it once you get a invite. Nevertheless you can go to Pogo Browser,AT&T Browser,3D Web Browser