AT&T and Apple Security Lapse Exposes iPad Users and Their Data

The year so far has proven to be ruthless for Apple. It is suffering a series of setbacks. First it loses an iPhone, then it goes on to upset Adobe , next a Wi-Fi mishap at WWDC and has finally restored to what it does best, make false claims and boast of its #fail browser Safari. Recently, Apple added one to this list by exposing user data of all iPad users.

Well, in reality, Apple did not expose the data but it surely did not care enough to hide it properly. A hacking group which calls itself Goatse Security has claimed that it has access to a list of all iPad users and their data. This includes top figures from multiple industries like the armed forces, music and movie industry, politics and others.

The hacker group has claimed data access to over 114,000 accounts and has made this successful attempt on an AT&T network. This has given them exclusive access to a list of authentication ID and email addresses. This was achieved by simply changing the user agent to iPad and the hacker group has already a PHP script sucking user data out of the AT&T. This clearly is more of an AT&T fault than Apple’s.

This exposure is being taken in different perspectives. Although it cannot be of any potential harm instantly, these email addresses can be victims of phishing scams and fall prey to spammers. This is equally annoying and AT&T has a lot of top officials at various agencies to answer to. AT&T should act responsibly in this matter if it wants to evade the heat.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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