Asus to Unveil New Windows 8, Android Tablets at CES 2012

There’s still almost a week to go before CES 2012 starts, but companies are falling over themselves to reveal details about what they will be unveiling at CES to get that extra bit of early coverage before the floodgates open. Asus revealed some details about its tablet lineup for 2012 at a press event in Taipei.

Windows 8 ARM Tablet

Asus has confirmed that it will be launching a Windows 8 tablet, powered by ARM processors, making them one of the many device manufacturers who have committed to a Windows 8 tablet. It will be launched in Q4 2012, well after the launch of Windows 8.

3G Transformer Prime Tablet

Asus also announced a 3G version of the popular Transformer Prime Android tablet, which will be launched in March 2012. It will come equipped with an improved GPS module.

New Android Tablets

Asus is also expected to launch a new 10 inch Android tablet at CES. It will presumably be powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It will also launch two more 10 inch Android tablets in the second half of 2012. It will also launch a 7 inch budget Android tablet.

Besides these tablets, we expect Asus to launch a couple of ultrabooks too at CES. Asus was the first company to launch netbooks which were a huge hit a couple of years ago.

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