ASF Resigns From JCP Executive Board

Apache Software Foundation has dealt a use blow to the Java Executive Committee by tendering their resignation. Apache has been on the JCP Executive Committee for past 10 years, and had won the JCP "Member of the Year" award 4 times.

In the phrase "fail to uphold their responsibilities under the JSPA", we are referring to Oracle’s refusal to provide the ASF’s Harmony project with a TCK license for Java SE that complies with Oracle’s obligations under the JSPA as well as public promises made to the Java community by officers of Sun Microsystems (recently acquired by Oracle.)  This breach of the JSPA was begun by Sun Microsystems in August of 2006 and is a policy that Oracle explicitly continues today.  For more information on this dispute, see our open letter to Sun Microsystems

Apache has decided to leave the JCP EC, due to problems with Oracle over the Harmony project. Oracle has reportedly rejected a TCK license for ASF’s Harmony for Java SE. Apache has been mulling on Oracle’s Abuse of Java for a long time now and this decision does not come as a huge surprise.

Oracle became the owner of Java after they acquired Sun Microsystems this year and have continued to get into trouble with the open source community over several of its projects. ASF resigning from JCP deals a telling blow to Oracle on their policies, only time will tell as to where this is headed.

You can read the entire explanation of the ASF decision at the official Apache blog here.

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