Are Microsoft and Firefox at War?

Firefox_Versus_IE__The_Icon_by_Archangel_Daemon I hadn’t used Firefox in a day or two. When I fired it up this morning, the warning below from Firefox popped up telling me that it was blocking two of Microsoft’s addons.

Firefox has determined that the following add-ons are known to cause stability or security problems.

Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant – Blocked

Windows Presentation Foundation – Blocked


I knew that in May, many Firefox users were really angry that Microsoft Updates were installing addons to Firefox without any permission. I didn’t know that Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox had decided to do something about it.

Here’s a quote from the Mozilla Security Blog on October 16th.

Because of the difficulties some users have had entirely removing the add-on, and because of the severity of the risk it represents if not disabled … we put the blocklist entry live immediately

It seems that Firefox is not only blocking the .NET Framework Assistant, they are also blocking a new addon named Windows Presentation Foundation. My first question was, Are Microsoft and Firefox at War?.

To answer my own question, I’d have to say YES and NO. If competition can be considered a war, then YES, the Mozilla Foundation has been at war with Microsoft since it was conceived. However, at least the first addon being blocked was not a surprise to Microsoft and Mozilla actually consulted with them before adding the block. Therefore, the answer is also NO. At least they do talk to each other and even agree on some security issues.

Now for the second question. What can I do if I really like those addons and I want them back? The answer now is NOTHING. That’s okay with me. I didn’t want them to start with.

Who could possibly want stuff added to their PC without full disclosure? It doesn’t matter if we want it or not. Microsoft does this all the time.

Note: The Firefox Eating IE Icon above was created by archangel-daemon

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