AppStore Coming For Amazon Kindle

With Google and Apple constantly stealing the show, everybody thought Amazon is just going to sit in the backseat and stay out of the tablet wars. They were wrong.

Amazon has every plan to make Kindle a strong rival for the upcoming Google and Apple tablets. It plans to do so by opening up the Kindle API for developers. The story first broke unofficially on blogs, but has been confirmed by an official statement from Amazon. The app store will be launched later this year but a guide to developers toolkit is already available at and a limited beta will be launched next month. Developers will be able to download the actual toolkit starting next month that will also include a Kindle simulator to test developed apps on the Kindle devices as well as Mac, PC and Linux desktops.


Amazon will split revenue with developers at 30/70 with developers keeping 70% of it. Amazon is hoping this will make Kindle more customized and expect to see all kinds of apps including utilities and games. Reportedly, EA Games is already in talks with Amazon to develop games for Kindle.

Amazon is hoping to make Kindle an intermediate device between your cell phone and your computer, something which Apple and Google are also aiming to achieve with their upcoming tablets. With a 3G network, Kindle would see some really useful and unique apps that might give Apple and Google a tough competition. This piece of news also puts Amazon ahead of all other upcoming e-readers that are supposed to launch later this year.

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