Apple’s Request for Android Data from Motorola Denied

Remember that time when Motorola was ordered by a U.S. court judge to turn over data related to Google’s Android development and details of its acquisition to Apple? You should – it was only around two weeks ago.

Anyway, it seems that Motorola has scored a minor victory in that matter. It had opposed that order, and its objections were backed by the judge, who denied the request by Apple today.

“The motion is vague and overbroad and Motorola’s objections are persuasive. If Apple desires a further court order compelling production of data within the scope of the March 5 order, it will have to narrow its request to a manageable and particularized set of documents.” said the judge.

Motorola and Apple’s patent trials will be held in June, and you can expect quite a lot of fireworks there. They are the biggest companies involved in the patent wars and have been battling each others in multiple countries, trying to get an injunction on the sales of each others’ products.

Google bought Motorola in 2011 primarily for its patent portfolio, but as the patent wars have progressed, it has found itself fighting Motorola’s wars, instead of it being the other way around. Both Motorola and Apple have scored a few minor victories here and there, but the coming trials in June will be the decisive ones.

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