Apple Wants To Completely Ban Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Phones in EU

Last week, Apple was granted a preliminary injunction to prevent Samsung from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all countries of the European Union except the Netherlands due to a complaint of intellectual property infringement. Netherlands was not part of the case because Apple had a separate lawsuit in progress in the country.  Apple’s filing in the Netherlands is related to patent infringement rather than just copying design elements, and goes beyond the German filing. The German ban only applies to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and did not prevent existing inventories from being sold.

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Computerworld reports that according to a new filing Apple demands an injunction against sales of all of Samsung’s Android-based smartphones, including the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy SII,  the Galaxy Tab 7, and new 10.1 tablets.  The report also suggests that Apple’s looking to ban other related models such as Google’s Nexus S, and the Samsung Gio, Europa, Appolo, and Mini. According to Apple, these devices  are also covered by one or more of the patent rights invoked.

Apple’s complaint, seen by Webwereld, a Dutch IDG publication, seeks an injunction for the entire Galaxy series. This includes smartphones — the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy SII — and tablets: the Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other Galaxy devices, like the Gio, Nexus, 551, Europa, Apollo and Mini are also involved, albeit only in a footnote in which Apple states, “It is expected that these devices are also covered by one or more of the patent rights invoked.”

Apple demands an extensive ban on these devices, covering manufacturing, stocking, importing, distributing, trading or selling by Samsung Korea and its Dutch subsidiaries, which include Samsung Logistics BV and Samsung Overseas BV.

Apple is demanding that Samsung recall all of the stock with 14 days and provide compensation to vendors.  The court in The Hague is scheduled to rule on the case on September 15th, with any potential injunctions not to take effect before October 13th.

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