Apple to Launch 15-inch MacBook Air in Q1 2012

According to a report by our favorite Chinese rumor mill Digitimes, Apple will launch a new MacBook Air series with 11.6-inch, 13.3-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air notebooks in Q1 2012. The MacBook Air range is ripe for a refresh, and the addition of a 15-inch MacBook Air to the mix is great news for most of us. Currently, Apple makes only 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air notebooks. A 15-inch MacBook Air should attract many more customers who find the existing sizes a tad small to work with. The MacBook Air, which has been overshadowed by the success of the iPhone and the iPad, is a massive success in its own right. It has helped Apple capture a significant slice of the notebook market since its launch.

Reportedly, “related upstream players have already started pilot production of the MacBook Air models and will add a 15-inch model into the product line to expand its reach in the ultra-thin notebook market.”

Apple MacBook Air

The ultrathin notebook market is expected to see a lot of competition in 2012, as more than 50 new ultrabooks by various manufacturers are expected to be showcased at CES 2012. Intel is pushing manufacturers to develop ultrabooks, which will compete directly with the MacBook Air, using a $300 million Ultrabook fund by Intel Capital.

Acer, Asus and Toshiba recently launched the first ultrabooks, but they have failed to impress reviewers and consumers alike.

I’m dying to buy a moderately priced ultrabook with a touchscreen display, and Windows 8 installed. I’m guessing they will soon be available by the end of 2012.

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