Apple Ties Up With Amazon To Sell iPad At A Discount

Amazon has always been know to sell products at a discount, which other retailers cannot provide. However, in a startling marriage, Apple and Amazon have decided to tie-up and offer the at a comparative discount that even Best Buy could not come up with.

Amazon will be stocking around 250000 iPad which will go on sale on April 12th, after Apple has fulfilled their current pre-orders. This move comes as a surprise since Apple themselves are competing with Amazon’s Kindle, which is being widely used to read e-Books.

The join statement by Apple’s Steve Jobs and Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos will go live today April 1st. At first, we though that this was an April Fool’s joke, but we now have confirmed news that this will happen.

Amazon will be selling the iPad for around $399 which a markdown of $100 on the actual Apple price, there is no news on why Apple would want to have Amazon sell the iPad at such a rate considering that the iPad is currently only available through the Apple store.

Apple also has plans to tie up with Walmart who are the biggest retailers in US to offer the iPad for $350 or so, however, those plans are under wrap and may be revealed in late May or June.

Rest assured we will keep you up-to-date on these rumors which are part of our April Fool’s pranks. Have fun.

4 thoughts on “Apple Ties Up With Amazon To Sell iPad At A Discount”

  1. This will further increase the sales of the iPad. I thought the price drop may happen, but never expected it so soon. I personally don't believe its a good marketing strategy. But who know Apple may be ready to launch their next update and so they wanted to sell of all the present ones.

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