Apple Tablet: Face Recognition & More Features Revealed

The much-hyped Apple Tablet, rumored to be announced soon, looks even more tempting after a few more features were revealed in a recent Wall Street Journal article. According to the article, Apple envisions the tablet to be shared by multiple family members rather than being a personal thing. The tablet may also be able to recognize different users via the built-in web cam. Reportedly, users will also be able to leave virtual sticky notes on the tablet and use a virtual keyboard for text input.

Apple’s tablet is also speculated to be geared towards reading newspapers, textbooks and even watching television on the device. For this purpose, Apple has been in talks with a number of newspaper publications and television networks such as CBS. According to sources, Apple may launch a subscription service for users to watch on-demand shows on their tablet. These details support Apple’s growing role of being the content middleman for everything digital ranging from music and news to television shows.

Another, much talked about news from Apple is the launch of a cloud-based iTunes store where users could buy songs without using the traditional software. Apple’s recent acquisition of is a strong indication of a move in this direction. Based on other sources, Apple and Microsoft may partner up to make Bing the default search engine for all Apple devices including the Tablet.

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