Apple Claims Samsung Copied its Cases Too

The patent wars in the mobile industry have been going on since months now. While they may have seemed interesting initially, they have just gotten ridiculous of late.

Samsung recently won a ruling against Apple, and is now free to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. However, the lawsuits just keep on piling up. According to a new report by The Verge, Apple has filed a new patent infringement claim against Samsung in an Australian court, claiming that Samsung copied its case designs.

Apple Smart Cover

The dispute is over Samsung’s Anymode Smart Case, which was a rip-off of Apple’s very popular Smart Cover magnetic case. Apple is claiming that Samsung infringed upon 10 of its patents related to Smart Cover in creating the Anymode Smart Case.

What’s strange about the lawsuit is, Samsung claims that the case was never actually sold and never even received an official certification. Apple can’t claim damages as it was never sold, and even if it wins, the most it can ask for is ban on the sales of the case in Australia, which is meaningless too, because, as I mentioned before, Samsung NEVER SOLD IT.

Even though its claim is valid, I have no idea what Apple aims to achieve by winning this lawsuit, except maybe prove a point.

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