Apple September 1 Event Keynote Live Streaming Video/Audio

Apple will be holding an Apple Event on September 1 about music where they might possibly unveil the next generation of and iTV in addition to several other announcements. The Apple Music event is scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theatre in San Francisco.


Unlike other Apple events, Apple will be broadcasting today’s event live to millions of users across the world. The event will be available live at 10PM at Users can visit to view the live broadcast and keynotes online.

The event could be about the iTV device which is the next generation Apple TV, new features in iTunes and even the new iPod Touch 4G. It is rumored that the iPod Touch 4G may have a 5MP camera and support FaceTime.

Apple suggests that the event can only be viewed using Safari on a Mac, , iPod Touch or . There is no mention of being able to view the live broadcast on or any other browsers including , , Internet Explorer or .   However, you can also follow updates on several other live blogs, learn how to follow Apple September 1 Event live updates.

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