Apple Seeks to Patent Kill Switch for Jailbroken iPhones

Apple has applied for a new patent which covers a series of measures to protect iPhone users from thieves and unauthorized users. Using the technology in the patent titled “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device”, Apple can identify users based on their images, voice recording and even their unique heartbeat patterns. If any of these don’t match, the user can be flagged as an unauthorized user and the iPhone’s camera can be activated, the captured images can be geotagged and sent to a remote server. It can also log keystrokes and phone calls and send it back to the remote server.

All the sensitive data of the user can also be backed up to a remote server and then deleted remotely, once unauthorized access is detected.

What’s alarming about the patent is that some of the methods it uses to identify unauthorized access include hacking, jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone. Jailbreaking the iPhone allows you to gain full access to the file system and run any code you want, as opposed to apps approved by Apple only. Using the technology described in the patent, Apple could automatically disable jailbroken or unlocked iPhones citing unauthorized usage.

Jailbreaking and Unlocking were recently declared to be legal by the regulators in the United States.

Check out the complete patent filing here: USPTO

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  • expert

    why iphone give too many restriction only one example call recording in local iphone disk not possible apple company say it because of legal issue but symadian, android,blackbarry os (85% market in world) has facilty but apple comapny think coustomer have no option for music & touch technology but they forget that this is not 2006 now a days technology has sperade samsung galxy s , htc touch phone has greater technology than apple. i am planning to purchase two iphone but not go for this bad catogry redstriction in iphone even i spend too myuch money .apple see in future there degrowth within two years defenatly if they not taken necessary step recesent i heard than iphone network promblem this is a sign of degrowth………….. of apple. all over say than apple comany only good in ipod so make ipod.

  • phone extream

    i agree with this ‘expert” coment apple divice not capable to record phone coustomer use recorder only in 3g or wifi for purchasing minitus what a durty thing & fool to coustomer. nokia , balckbarry, google android os have facility to rcord call in phone by software no fees in iphone buy minitus & uses if 3g means data charges etc.. does this suiteto world trusted comany like apple? apple mangment think over it before oo late some expert of iphone say that apple sdk not comaptibale for call record so in future this is not possible so when you purchase iphone kept in mind that call record is not possible in iphone .. for apple knowledge world 50% of businees in phone call today coustmer must have recorder for study, saftey perpose…. think apple try to come out from IPOD.