Apple & Samsung Both Lose in South Korean Patent Lawsuits

Apple and Samsung are currently involved in patent infringement lawsuits and countersuits across the globe. While their courtroom antics in the U.S. continue to grab eyeballs, today, we saw a Seoul Court in South Korea rule on Apple and Samsung’s lawsuits against each other.

The South Korean Court ruled that both Apple and Samsung violated each others patents. While Samsung infringed one Apple patent related to the bounce-back scrolling feature, Apple was ruled to have infringed on two of Samsung’s mobile data transfer patents.

This ruling will lead to a ban on some of Apple’s and Samsung’s products in South Korea. While Apple will have to stop selling the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2, Samsung will have to stop selling 12 devices including the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab. None of the newer devices by both giants will be impacted, as they were released after the lawsuit was filed. Apple must pay Samsung 40 million won, while Samsung must pay Apple 25 million won.

These amounts are a drop in the ocean when it comes to Apple’s or Samsung’s overall sales.

While this decision does not in any way indicate which way the U.S. court’s decision will move, it does show that this war will end with several casualties, especially since the U.S. market is a much bigger one for both parties involved.

via Bloomberg

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