Apple Files More Lawsuits Against Samsung in Germany; Goes 10 Smartphones and 5 Tablets

The patent wars between Apple and Samsung seem like they will never end. After Samsung won the right to sell the modified version of the tablet – the Galaxy Tab 10.1N – in Germany despite Apple’s best efforts to get it banned, it seems that Apple is firing back with a slew of additional lawsuits against multiple Samsung devices, according to a Bloomberg report.

Apple has filed yet another suit in Germany, and is trying to get a ban on the sales of 10 Android smartphones by Samsung, including the very popular Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy S Plus.

Apple vs Samsung

The new suit filed in the Dusseldorf Regional Court is a design lawsuit, which could be circumvented by Samsung by modifying the design of its devices, if it is found to be infringing on Apple’s design patents.

That’s not all, Apple has also filed a separate lawsuit seeking the ban of 5 Samsung tablets too. We don’t have the exact details of the devices included in the lawsuits yet.

Samsung has confirmed that the company had received both suits. In December 2011, Samsung had filed lawsuits against Apple alleging infringement of 4 patents, including 2 essential FRAND patents. Both companies have filed lawsuits against each other in several countries, including the U.S.

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