Apple Moving Forward with New TV Plans

When Walter Isaacson was working on Steve Jobs’ biography, he revealed that Apple was working on a new TV. Steve Jobs even told Isaacson that he had “finally cracked it [TV].”

According to a new report by WSJ, Apple is now moving forward with its TV plans. Apple executives have been discussing their TV plans with executives from many large media companies.

Apple is currently working on technology which would respond to users’ voices and movements, and allow them to control their TV using voice commands and hand gestures. Apple’s current TV offering has failed any significant traction. Apple itself branded it as a hobby project when it failed to take off.

It isn’t clear whether Apple is working on new Apple TV hardware, or if it’s just working to find different ways to bring more content to Apple TV. WSJ reports that Apple has considered licensing content directly from media companies to create a subscription service.

Apparently, Apple’s TV device would use a version of AirPlay, which would allow users to control it from their iPhones and iPads. It would also allow users to watch their TV content on their iPhone or iPad, while on the move. Additionally, it will also enable users to stream content from their mobile devices to their TVs.

Television is one of the few traditional industries left which hasn’t yet been disrupted by the advances in technology. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all trying to gain control of the user’s living room. So far, none of them have really succeeded. Google TV has been a huge flop, while Microsoft has achieved only marginal success with Xbox Live.

The TV industry in the U.S. was worth nearly $150 billion in 2011. Given its history, Apple seems to be in the best position to negotiate content deals with the major players in the TV industry.

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