Apple May Have Won the Patent Battle Against Motorola in Germany Already

When it comes to the patent wars, Motorola and Google have been on the receiving end lately. Both Apple and Microsoft made a complaint against Motorola recently, accusing it of misusing standards essential FRAND patents by seeking injunctions against their products in Europe.

Today, Apple won a ruling in a German Court, which enables it to continue selling iPhone and iPad models through its German online store. Motorola had won an initial ruling which empowered it to force Apple to stop selling certain iPhone and iPad models.

The verdict states that since Apple has filed an appeal against the ruling, and made an amended offer to license Motorola’s FRAND patents, any further attempts by Motorola to ban Apple’s products would be a violation of antitrust rules.

The ruling could possibly help Apple’s prospects in its appeal, and force Motorola to grant a license for its standards essential patents to Apple. If that does happen, Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola, which was primarily for its patent portfolio, could prove to be a huge failure. It has not only pissed off its Android device partners, but also added a low margin business to its high margin cash cow -search advertising- with almost no product synergies between the two.

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