Apple Loses Another iPhone Prototype at a Bar

Cava 22

Today, CNET reports that Apple has lost a prototype iPhone at a bar, again. The iPhone was lost in late July at Cava 22, a Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco’s Mission District. Apple is working with the police to recover another missing iPhone prototype.

A day or two after the phone was lost at San Francisco’s Cava 22, which describes itself as a “tequila lounge” that also serves lime-marinated shrimp ceviche, Apple representatives contacted San Francisco police, saying the device was priceless and the company was desperate to secure its safe return, the source said. Still unclear are details about the device, what version of the iOS operating system it was running, and what it looks like.

The company tracked the location of the missing prototype from the Cava22 bar on 22nd Street to a house in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. The San Francisco police and Apple investigators reportedly spoke to a man in his twenties about the device. The man denied knowing anything about the lost phone. After a search, they found nothing. The report doesn’t mention if Apple ever got the phone back. Company representatives contacted police asking for help in recovering the device, which Apple reportedly described as “priceless.”

In addition, Apple’s representatives reportedly offered the man a cash reward for its recovery with “no questions asked,” but the man continued to report no knowledge of the device.

Last year, Apple lost an early prototype of the iPhone 4 at a bar in Redwood City near the company’s headquarters. ┬áThat device was picked up by another customer and sold to Gizmodo. The criminal investigation for the incident ended this month.

So an Apple employee walks into a bar…

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