Apple iPad May Run Android OS In Next Version

If you thought that the meeting between Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt from Google was a joke, this could be a big breakthrough. According to few sources we have heard, Apple is planning to run the OS on the .

According to some real close sources the discussion was about having the Android OS on the iPad and future versions of iPhone, precisely iPad 0.00001 will see Android 0.000002 being implemented on it.

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt

The marathon meet which was spotted by Gizmodo was an actual hands up submission about Android (as you can see in the screenshot above) by Steve Jobs to Eric Google and their superior Android OS.

This will definitely give Android (and Eric and Google) a big boost on the sales of the and give them a kick ahead with Android, which will be shortly seen in the next generation of . Thank you Steve Jobs for doing the right thing, the iPhone OS was really good, but it had no future, this decision was really mature and had all the Steve Jobs mantra behind it.

Ouch, don’t take this serious will you? This is an early April Fools Joke from our side, have fun.

(Photos courtesy Gizmodo)

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