Apple iPad Has Been Launched, Get Yours Today

The much awaited Apple iPad launch lived up to its hype. From 9:00 AM today, it is finally available at Apple and Best Buy stores around the country. Long waits are over and people are buying this device, the cheapest of which costs $499 without giving it a second thought.


CNet has already brought out a review of the Apple iPad. The lines outside the stores explains the frenzy for this new Apple product.

Those who pre-ordered the product got it delivered to their doorsteps. Those with recent plans of buying this product have to rush to the nearest store and get in that line.

CNet and NYTimes have started live blogging on this event giving key updates on the sales and the current happenings at the stores. The first to buy an iPad at Apple’s 5th Avenue store was Richard Gutjahr who is also a blogger.

For more viewer comments and live reviews of first hand customer experiences with the iPad, do not forget to see the live blogs. If you had any reservation regarding the iPad,head over to the nearest store and join the crowd.

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