Apple Introduces Volume App Purchasing for Business

Apple Volume Program for Business

Apple has introduced a new “Volume Purchasing Program”  for the App Store. The App Store  Volume Purchase Program allows businesses and educational institutions in the U.S. to purchase apps in volume and distribute them within their organizations.

Streamline your purchasing process and put more power and productivity in the hands of your workforce. Every paid app in the App Store is available for businesses to buy in volume through the program website. Simply search for the apps you need, enter the quantity you want to buy, and complete the transaction with your corporate credit card. Apps are available for purchase at the same price listed in the App Store.

In the past, Apple has offered volume sales but only for educational institutions. For businesses and educational institutions to be eligible to use this program, they must apply.  In addition, Apple is allows businesses to sell and distribute custom business-to-business (B2B) apps for business customers. B2B apps can be developed for specific needs and distributed through the same App Store.

You can read more about Apple’s program here.

Whether you’re providing apps to two employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute the apps your business needs.

The Volume Purchase Program also provides a way to purchase custom B2B apps built by third-party developers to meet the unique needs of your business.

The Volume Purchase Program for Business is coming soon to businesses in the United States.

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