Apple Has $81.5B in Cash

Earlier this year, it was discovered that Apple could buy Dell twice over and still have $10B in the bank. Today, Apple filed  its Form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A Form 10-K discloses information to stockholders and the commission. Amongst many legal statements a few interesting facts were discovered.

The most interesting fact out of all is that Apple currently has  $81,570,000,000 in cash,  marketable securities and cash equivalents. Let me repeat that again    $81.57 billion with a “b”! This unbelievably large number means that  Apple pulled in  $37.5 billion in cash profits in fiscal 2011. Not bad for a company that recently “missed” industry estimates, eh?

The cash pile of $81.57 billion is what the company is left with after spent    $2.4 billion on research and development in 2011, which is up from $1.8 billion in 2010 and $1.3 billion in 2009. Usually, when a company increases its R&D budget, it is a good sign because it shows that the company hasn’t stopped innovating in any way. In addition, Apple paid out $4.3 billion for equipment. I’m going to speculate here and suggest that it was for its North Carolina data center and factory investments. In fact, it has been suggested that Apple’s cash pile could grow to $136 billion by the end of 2012.

Currently, Apple also owns or leases  13.2 million square feet of building space, primarily in the U.S. Out of this, 3 million square feet is for Apple Retail Stores spread throughout the world. The data centers in North Carolina and Newark, NJ, also get accounted into this figure. Also, an area of 2.6 million square feet is for Apple’s new “spaceship” campus  in Cupertino, California. The company also owns a total of 584 acres of land in various locations.

The filing also reveals that the company has  60,400 full-time employees and another 2,900 temps. Last year, Apple had 46,000 employees. It saw a 39% increase this year.  This is the second year in a row that the company saw an over 30% jump in its headcount.

Somebody, please explain to me how can a company that has a low marketshare, is evil, and isn’t “open” continue to be this successful? Mind boggling, I tell ya.


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