After Motorola’s Win, Apple Fights Back with Photo Gallery Patent

After Motorola’s recent victory against Apple in Germany, Apple seems to be fighting back with a fresh set of patents. The Munich Regional Court in Germany held hearings on lawsuits by Apple against Motorola. According to Florian Mueller, Apple is very likely to win an injunction against Motorola products which implement a certain method for flipping pages in a photo gallery, specified by the patent in question – EP2059868.

“The court doesn’t have much doubt about the validity of this patent and appears rather convinced (at the end of the hearing even more so than at its outset) that the Android photo gallery constitutes a violation of that patent at least in its “zoom in” mode and possibly (though this is not yet certain) in its “zoom out” mode.”

Motorola may have to omit that feature from its Android devices, should the court rule against it. However, that feature alone isn’t likely to affect sales in any major way. But if Apple starts winning a lot of these small battles, Motorola and other Android manufacturers may be forced to make significant changes to their Android devices, which could add up and mess with the overall Android user experience, compelling consumers to buy Apple’s devices.

Samsung worked around the same patent earlier, to avoid a preliminary injunction by a Dutch court, by making a few changes. Motorola will probably do the same.

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