Apple Advertising iPad For "Dell Streak" Keywords In Google

Apple has purchased Google Adwords advertisements for the when someone searches for Dell Streak. Dell Streak is a new Tablet from Dell based on .

Dell Streak

Talk about underhand tactics in getting customers and the first thing that comes to mind is sneaky advertisements. For long we have seen competitors aggressively advertise products degrading their competition, but Apple seems to be buying into the competition directly.

Apple iPad Ad on Dell Streak Keyword

If you perform a Google Search for "Dell Streak" (link) on Google UK Search, you will see some familiar advertisements from Dell promoting their products along with an advertisement from the carrier, however, at the bottom of the advertisement pile lies an advertisement purchased by Apple which promotes the iPad (see screenshot above).

Oh Boy, this is definitely something I did not expect from Apple who are arrogant confident enough to believe that every product they make is perfect. Did the Dell Streak make them so scared that they had to advertise their own product on a competitors keywords? What do you think?

(via Rude Fox, h/t via email from Tom)

4 thoughts on “Apple Advertising iPad For "Dell Streak" Keywords In Google”

  1. The ipad IS that perfect though. Apple is miles beyond dell. I wonder why they even degraded themselves in considering DELL to be competition!

    1. Yeah, Dell sucks, but I guess if Apple can't stop Android, it should at least stop the next thing that Dell will try and pursue with rigorous effort. Considering Microsoft got nowhere with Kin, I don't think Apple needs to worry about Dell of all companies.

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