Apple Wants to Claim the Word “pod”, up Next Should be “pad” and “phone”

Apple has been famous for its product lineup. The Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone has given Apple fanboys the iOwn drive. However, sometimes, Apple goes too far in upsetting people by making claims like “Safari is the faster web browser ever” and the “iPhone 4 has no signal issues” even when people point these out and show them. ┬áPut simply Apple just does not care because it knows the temptation it can churn up with its products.

Rants apart, here is some more badassery from Apple. Apple owns a successful range of products as the iPod and now, it wants to claim the word “pod”. Sector Labs, a startup has been restrained from using the word pod in their product “Video pod” and Apple has taken the matter to the court. Apple has presented an 873-page document detailing on its claim of the word pod.

Ana Christian, Sector Labs’ lawyer told the Wired magazine,

What I’m hoping to do with this case is to really reach a lot broader an audience and make it so entrepreneurs and small businesses can use the English language as they see fit in branding their products.

However, Sector Labs is not the first firm Apple is taking on with regard to the use of “pod”. With time, Apple is getting better at annoying small businesses. However, claiming dictionary words goes way out of line. Going by this trend, up next is “pad”, “phone” and everything i.


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