Apple Bans Dalai Lama Apps in China

After blocking thousands of websites in the past, China’s authorities seems to be interested in blocking iPhone apps. Just two months before China Unicom launched iPhone in China and made it regulatory to evaluate and sanction all the iPhone apps before they are available for download. Apple has been instructed by the China’s authorities to ban certain iPhone apps in China.

dalai lama iphone apps banned in china

Dalai Lama iPhone Apps, which are available for download in others countries, seems to be unavailable for iPhone users in China. Even apps related to Rebiya Kadeer are banned in China. Apple is the latest American technology company that has been instructed to ban some of their contents, by Chinese government.

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  • I understand why companies have to kowtow to China. Doesn't mean we have to like it. Has anyone seen a case where a company refused their demands?