Apple Asks to Put Motorola Suits on Hold Until Google Completes Acquisition

Recently, Apple has been involved in many patent disputes between  Android handset manufacturers. Today, FOSS Patents reports that Apple has filed motions to stay for a lawsuit brought by Motorola against it in the southern District of Florida and for a  separate suit  that the company filed against Motorola in the Western District of Wisconsin.

Apple vs MotorolaThe Cupertino company’s lawyers argue that Motorola has given up control over its patents to Google in its merger agreement. Due to this, Apple argues that Motorola lacks the standing to sue. Apple argues that it shouldn’t have to spend its resources litigating claims against a party that is no longer able to enforce its patents.  If Apple is successfully able to defend itself in Motorola’s case  against it before the acquisition goes through, the case could potentially be reopened by Google after the merger.

In addition, the document noted that Motorola cannot, without Google’s consent, sue for infringement of its patents in any new action, settle pending litigation that would require a license to any of its patents, license or sublicense its patents except in limited circumstances relating to the sale of Motorola’s products, assign its rights in its patents and/or grant a covenant not to sue for infringement of its patents.

Apple is currently involved in legal disputes against Android handset makers, including Samsung and HTC. The company has recently won cases against both Samsung and HTC.

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