Apple Rejects Android Magasinet: An Android Magazine App

Apple app-rejection stories are just as controversial as some apps it accepts. The legend continues with the rejection of Android Magasinet-a magazine app, the reason being the app is for an Android magazine.

Apple’s response on this ban stands as,

You know…your magazine…it’s just about Android…we can’t have that in our App Store.

That was said to Brian Dixen, the managing director of Mediaprovider when he got a phone call from Apple.

Apparently, the TOS mentions clearly that Apple does not allow any app that promotes a competing product. This should have been clear to the magazine and they are probably doing this just to get attention. They should have known well in advance that their app was going to meet this fate.

The chances of this being a test is high because the same magazine runs an iPhone magazine named “iPhone Magasinet” which is already running in the app store. Pulling off these cheap stunts does not end quite well for business, as at the end of the day, people will know what you were trying to do.

However, if you really want something to pick on, Apple accepted an anti-gay app today.


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