Apple’s Changes App Store Policies, Still Allows Apps That Guess Bra Sizes

Apple’s App Store policies are notorious at its best, with apps being rejected for weird reasons and several new apps being included which should not have been there at all.

Today, Apple announced a change to their App store policy where they now allow developers to use development tools of their choice to create apps, instead of restricting them to tools only Apple provides as long as the apps do not download any code.

Fits BRA Size Apps

Earlier this year, Apple had changed its App store policy to not accept Overtly sexual apps, but they let through a Playboy app though. Just today, I got a press release for a new app which of all, allows you to check a Women’s Bra size by clicking a picture of them. Now, isn’t that derogatory to women, would that app now mean that people go around clicking pictures of women to just know their bra size?

Agreed that the people who developed the app wanted it to be used by the women themselves,  but what the hell, think about the misuse this app would entail. I won’t link to the App here, but if you are curious search the app store for FITS.

Do you think that the App Store policies are anywhere near being transparent? What would you suggest Apple to change with regards to the App Store policies? Give us your views through your comments.

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