Is AOL Buying TechCrunch?

AOL is one of the oldest companies in the web industry but its services have failed to evolve with time. Therefore, it took to acquiring services to compensate for the losses. In past AOL has acquired Weblogs Inc., the company behind the popular gadget review website Engadget. AOL has seen serious drops in traffic and this acquisition allowed it to compensate for the losses it was making with the existing business. Taking a further step, AOL is probably out to buy TechCrunch, the acclaimed tech blog focused on startups and industry news.

The announcement has not been made yet but the news is already out in the wild and can be seen  here on Techmeme. Tim Armstrong, the AOL CEO is about to make an appearance at the TechCrunch Disrupt  conference and will probably make the announcement too. However, we hope it is not a rumor like the last AOL-Mashable acquisition.

While Engadget is regarded as the top gadget blog, TechCrunch is the top tech blog and this acquisition will give AOL a stronghold over two of the most popular niche in the world of blogging. There is no final word on the deal and there is a very good chance that it falls apart. TechCrunch disrupt will decide soon.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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