Messing With Anonymous Brings You in A Never Ending Line of Fire

When you are up against the most notorious faction on the Internet that has continuously brought down top websites over years and has a long-standing experience of raising mayhem, the least you can do is not make vague immature claims and try to become a hero in front of the media. That is one mistake Aaron Barr, the CEO of security company HBGary Federal did and it took his whole joyride down an anticlimax to an “aw, snap!” moment where he had to say,

lol..ok guys well u got me right. :)

This guy will be remembered as a bad example.


He lost much more than his job, pissed off quite a few people, became laughing stuff at work, lost his email ID, twitter account, valuable company emails, a TB of backup data and got his iPad wiped. Barr got the attention of Financial Times who did a story on him and his research claiming the identity of Anonymous members. Now that Barr was high and flying, he got a bit proactive too but took a wrong turn. He tried making contact with Anonymous. As you have figured by now, it did not end too well.

Attention seeker Barr got Anon’s attention and landed his company in trouble 6 days before a scheduled meeting with the FBI. After this, the best he could do, was say,

CommanderX. This is my research… I am not going to release names I am merely doing security research to prove the vulnerability of social media so please tell [redacted] and [redacted] or whoever else is hitting our site to stop.

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