Anonymous Withdraws #OpCartel in Wake of Kidnapping and Murder of Activists

A few days back, Anonymous went up against Zeta- the strongest drug cartel in Mexico. Since then, the Zeta drug cartel has been targeting people who have a strong online presence and voice their opinion against the drug cartel. Among the dead victims are the Editor-in-chief of  Primera Hora, a vocal newspaper and two other people who were found hanging from a bridge. The messages everywhere threatened people, who posted online about the Zeta drug cartel. The involvement of the Zeta drug cartel is speculated from the carving of the letter ‘Z’, on all the bodies.
The Mexican drug cartel exerts a fair amount of control over the news media. However, they were losing this control with the rise in online activism. There was extensive live reporting of events by random people. The decentralized nature of the Internet allows anyone to post anything online and the drug cartel did not find this amusing.

The Twitter account of  @Sm0k34n0n  called off the operation announcing,

Destroying #OpCartel because the lives of people who are not participating n can be at risk.

However, the mission did not get the complete support of Anonymous and some operatives are already talking about disclaiming the Mexican wing of Anonymous that is working on #OpCartel.

This is the first time Anonymous went up against any organized crime ring that is outright dangerous, though it did not end well for other journalists and online activists in Mexico. While the deaths have been a huge turn-off for the operation, some Anonymous activists are still willing to continue with #OpCartel.

The target date for #OpCartel was 5 November. However, it is highly unclear whether there will be as much as a spark on that day, anymore.

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