Anonymous Pwns Westboro Baptist Church: Sends a Special Message during Live Interview

Anonymous Pwns Westboro Baptist Church: Sends a Special Message during Live Interview

There is no shortage of crazy people in this world, but then there are a few who deserve a special mention simply because of the magnitude of their stupidity. The Westboro Baptist Church, which is more of a hate group than anything else, happens to shelter quite a few such choice individuals.

In short, WBC is infamous for its extreme homophobia and anti-gay protests. The latest saga started last week when a press release from Anonymous that issued an ultimatum to WBC was posted on AnonNews. The statement was later confirmed to be fake by Anonymous, but not before it went viral. Soon after, WBC responded to the threats, and made a defiant stance, which set the stage for the following confrontation between Shirley from WBC and the Anon.

Initially Anon refused to wage war against WBC, and denied responsibility for knocking down, and (which was actually the handiwork of th3j35t3r). However, after being incited by Shirley, Anon proceeded to sucker-punch WBC by hacking their website, and leaving behind a special message. Check out the screencaps embedded below to catch up on the full saga.

Initial (Fake) Ultimatum from Anon
Westboro Baptist Church’s Response
Anon Denial
Anon’s Response to WBC (view full image)

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