Anonymous Declares Operation Blackout Against SOPA

Enough has already been said about the damage SOPA will do to the Internet and by now, everyone realizes that it directly threatens everything that represents online freedom. The media industry is using SOPA as a weapon to create a clout of censorship, which will be counterproductive for free speech over the internet. It can be used to remove entire websites hosting infringing content. This way, it would take just one rogue or disgruntled user sharing copyright content, to get the whole website off the Internet. This affects  Web 2.0  (the umbrella term) by definition.

There is too much wrong with this bill. The bill might have been passed with good intentions, but clearly, it has chances of going horribly wrong. People the world over are trying to undo this damage and have written petitions and letters to the government.

In the midst of this, the Anonymous collective has decided to act against SOPA in its typical fashion. Anonymous has declared Operation Blackout against SOPA. The exact specifications and the nature of the attack are unknown as of now. However, there are two videos from Anon on YouTube, in their typical fashion.

Their message ends with a new set of warnings, this time.

We do not forgive censorship.
We do not forget the denial of our free rights as human beings.
To the United States government, you should’ve expected us.

Out of the recent Anonymous warnings, very few have caused some real damage. Let us see how this “call to arms” turns up. It would be unusual of Anonymous to employ other means, though it seems like a very delicate issue to be fought with their flagship DDOS attacks.

(Via Reddit)

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