Anonymous Takes Down CIA Website with Playful Updates on Twitter

The online hacker collective Anonymous declared a major hit yesterday, when the @YourAnonNews Twitter account announced the takedown of the CIA website. The successful takedown was announced with a “CIA tango down” message in a typical Anonymous style. The website was restored shortly afterwards, and there was no operation associated with the takedown. In short, this takedown was uncalled for and had no motive.

Last month, Anonymous took down the websites of the FBI and the Justice Department using the DDoS technique. It was their largest DDoS ever, and saw over 5000 participants. However, this takedown of CIA was motiveless, and has not been tagged with any ongoing operation so far. Apart from the CIA, the Alabama government website was also taken down, to protest against its harsh immigration laws.


However, the confusing news is that although YourAnonNews reported the takedown, they came back to give another message saying, “We’d remind media that if we report a hack or ddos attack, it doesn’t necessarily mean we did it…FYI”.

Last year around June, the Anonymous splinter group LulzSec took down CIA website and claimed responsibility for it. It was their claim to fame in the notorious hacktivism world.

Anonymous is being taken seriously by law enforcement agencies across the world, and they are attempting to join hands against Anonymous. A few days ago, FBI set up a conference call with the Scotland Yard to discuss this matter. However, Anonymous leaked both the email setting up the call, and a voice transcript of the entire seventeen-minute call.

This should serve as a point of reflection for the FBI. Anonymous is a merry band of hackers. However, if Anonymous can drop in on your conversations, how safe are they from other governments? This raises serious security concerns.

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