Anonymous Attacks Egypt Government Websites

The Internet blackout in Egypt was an eye opener on government control over the Internet and was a driving force behind the condemnation of a kill switch for the Internet. Though the matter was not over yet. As a closing move, Anonymous has brought down the Egyptian Government website with a DDoS.

The Next Web writes,

A tweet from online protest gathering Anonymous today has indicated that it is hitting the Ministry of Information, among other departments, with a DDoS attack. Indeed, right now several of the country’s government sites are unresponsive, including and

The tweet referenced in the above conversation appears below.


Anonymous began attacking government websites back on the 26th of January but soon after that, Internet went down for the whole nation. The Egyptian government finally had a taste of its own medicine.

Anonymous is the most notorious faction on the Internet. It has always been surrounded by controversies and has upset world governments all over. This attack on Egypt follows the WikiLeaks announcement that it will leak documents on Egypt. Even after the announcement, the Egypt government has been bold in shutting down Internet in the country and has simply made things worse for itself. Governments have to understand how the Internet works even before taking decisions like these.

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