AnonOpsIndia Hack Kapil Sibal’s Website

Update: Looks like the site has been taken offline by the developers.

The infamous hacker group Anonymous has done it again. In protest against Sec 66A of the IT Act, the hacker group — AnonOpsIndia (@opindia_revenge) — have defaced the personal website of Kapil Sibal (, India’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology.

AnonOpsIndia Hack Kapil Sibal's Website

The following message – Protest against IT Act  was displayed on the site:

Anonymous Calls for protests against the draconian IT Rules dreamed up by a man commonly known as Kapil ShitBall. Here are the current details: /components/index.html Andhra pradesh Venue: Dharna chowk, Indira park, Hyderabad. Date & Time : 2nd Dec. 2012 at 4.00PM the Sunday Karnataka Venue : BBMP Corporation Circle, Opp. Vokkaligara Bhavan, Near Halasauru Gate Police station, Bengaluru, Date &TIme: 2nd Dec. 2012 at 4.30PM the Sunday Tamil nadu Venue: Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai, Date &TIme:4th December 2012, 3.30pm to 6.30pm, Tuesday. PS: Kapil Sibal – there is no such thing as Victims of Freedom of Expression You have Zero online presence you are not fit to pass comments on our Internet. Please before we fuck you completely … get off my Internet

Protest Against IT Act

Earlier this month, two women were arrested by the Mumbai police for protesting a state-wide ‘bandh’ on Facebook. The youngsters protested by posting an update on their Facebook profile against ‘bandh’ due to the death of Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray, and later released on bail. The case against the two girls are now being dropped.

This act by the Mumbai police broke up a major controversial debate between the public, people on the Internet, and the politicians as well. With under an immense pressure, the central government has issued a statement that could bring down the misuse of the IT Act, which was used to make the arrests of the two youngsters.

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