Angry Birds Attack the Chrome Web Store!

Google I/O 2011 started yesterday, but the focus was almost completely on Android. You can check out the highlights of the Google I/O 2011 keynote here. Today, however, Google also showcased other stuff like the Chrome Web Store and Chrome OS laptops by Samsung and Acer.

Today, Peter Vesterbacka, CEO, Rovio Mobile announced that Angry Birds has now been launched for the web, on the Chrome Web Store. Angry Birds for the web has been built using WebGL and Canvas. It runs at 60 FPS, thanks to improvements in browser graphics. You can download Angry Birds Beta via the Chrome Web Store for free, and play it offline as well. It’s available in both, SD and HD versions.

Rovio will be launching some exclusive levels, available only in Chrome. It will also support in-app payments, so you can easily buy the Mighty Eagle to obliterate the pigs.

You can download and install Angry Birds on Chrome from the Chrome Web Store. Here’s the link:

Angry Birds – Chrome Web Store

Angry Birds

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