Google’s Android-powered Heads-up Display Glasses Coming This Year’s End

Google has some amazing futuristic projects going on at its Google X office, and heads-up display (HUD) is just one of them. Heads-up display aims to create Android-based terminator-style glasses, taking augmented reality to a new level. We absolutely loved the concept when 9to5Google reported it for the first time. Now, the concept has moved a step closer to reality. The latest buzzword is that the HUD glasses will go on sale by the end of this year.

Sergey Brin himself and Latitude creator Steve Lee are leading the HUD project jointly. Latitude never took off as a product, though these HUD glasses are perhaps the most ambitious and most awaited experimental product from Google this year. There will definitely be a user acceptance testing (UAT) before the formal production/launch. Therefore, some lucky users might get to test this product even before it launches by the end of 2012.

While giving updates on the pricing details, the New York Times also explained where the HUD glasses would be better than current Android smartphones.

One Google employee said the glasses would tap into a number of Google software products that are currently available and in use today, but will display the information in an augmented reality view, rather than as a Web browser page like those that people see on smartphones.

At the end of this year, Google will probably move the glasses into production, based on the UAT results. The glasses are expected to cost the same as smartphones, in the range of $250 to $600.

Google already has (a part of) the technology in place with Google Goggles, and this device will be a lifesaver for those who have to reach into their pockets every few minutes, to get their phone out. However, the HUD glasses will also alert privacy watchdogs, with people recording each other constantly and on the fly.

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