iOS May Dominate App Sales; But Android Leads Mobile Ad Impressions

Millennial Media, one of the largest mobile ad networks, released some platform statistics for the month of October 2011, which show that Android is dominating mobile ad impressions on its network.

Android accounts for around 56% of the total ad impressions on Millennial’s network, while iOS comes a distant second with only a 28% share of total ad impressions. RIM has a 13% share, while Symbian, Windows and the others all have a 1% share each.

Mobile Ad Impressions October 2011

Apple was the leading manufacturer with a 24% share of all smartphones and connected devices, while HTC came second with around 18% share. Samsung is closing in fast, and had around 17.2% share of all devices.

These figures are in line with our expectations that Android app developers are much more dependent on advertising to make money. This is precisely why it is grossly inaccurate to count only revenue from app sales when comparing the total revenue earned by developers on each platform.

Android has been topping the charts when it comes to mobile ad impressions for the Millennial network for almost a year now. Being one of the largest ad networks, it provides a reasonably accurate sample size for the entire mobile advertising market.

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