Android Gains One More Point In Android vs. iPhone War

As the battle heats up between two great mobile OS, anything and anybody can shift the balance. Recently, Android gained some more momentum by Tim Bray joining the team. Tim Bray, is a popular internet personality in addition to being the inventor of XML. He didn’t only join the Android team, he did it with a bang by telling the world what’s wrong with Apple and iPhone.

In a personal blog post, Tim Bray explains how his thinking completely aligns with Google and why he hates Apple due to its stringent yet vague policies and lack of freedom to developers. Going on with a list of things that make Android a much better philosophy than iPhone, Tim Bray clarifies that he will prove to Apple the impossibility of giving consumers the freedom of internet on their phones yet restricting their trivial activities and choices.

On the surface, it seems like Android is gaining support from all corners of the world, but deep inside many Apple critics admit the unmatchable technology Apple offers. For example, Tim Bray mentions:

The tragedy is that Apple builds some great open platforms; I’ve been a happy buyer of their computing systems for some years now and, despite my current irritation, will probably go on using them.

This definitely suggests that Apple can make an easy come back in the game by just making a few changes to its philosophy and attitude towards users and developers. They can definitely things make very difficult for Android if they start listening to their own kin.

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