Android Seeing More than 850K Device Activations Every Day

Android is growing faster than you can imagine. Just two months ago, Andy Rubin had stated that Google was seeing more than 700k device activations every day. Today, he said that the number of Android device activations per day was now up to 850k. At this rate, Android could easily see more than 1 million activations every day before the end of April.

Rubin also revealed some interesting numbers about Android. There are around 300 million Android devices around the world now, with 12 million on them being Android tablets.

At MWC 2011, there were only around 150,000 apps in the Android Market. That number has more than tripled to 450,000 apps. Android is closing in on the more than 500,000 apps on the iOS App Store.

Another interesting stat – more than 800 different Android devices have been launched to date. The Android stand at MWC 2012 itself showcases more than 100 different Android devices.

Rubin also stated that Google intended to focus on Android tablets in 2012. Until now, Android tablet sales, except those of the Amazon Kindle Fire, have been laughable compared to sales of the Apple iPad.

However, it is rumored that Google plans to launch a Nexus tablet soon, which could possibly give Android a fighting chance against the iPad.

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