American Air Force Researchers Build Supercomputer With 1,760 PlayStation 3s

While the consumers aren’t buying PlayStation 3s in bulk, researchers working for the US government have plugged 1,760 PS3s to build the 35th fastest supercomputer. Called the Condor Cluster’ Air Force Research Laboratory in Ohio has spent $2 Million for the setup.

This supercomputer (or awesome-st gaming configuration ever!) is said to achieve 1.5 GigaFLOPS per Watt. FLOPS is the unit to measure supercomputer power and is also known as Floating Point Operations per Second.

What is the air force planning to do with so many PS3s, you ask? According to Research Director, processing of high resolution satellite images for surveillance activities will see benefit due to the Condor Cluster. As Jill Laster puts it, one room, 1,760 PlayStation 3s and Call of Duty: Black Ops would make the most  awesome  gaming experience.

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Manan Kakkar

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