Amazon’s Kindle Fire Ships One Day Early
By on November 14th, 2011

Hopefully I am not jumping the gun here, but it appears that is about to exceed customer expectations. just announced that it is shipping the Kindle Fire one day early. Was that a “Woot Woot” I just heard from out there in cyberspace? This is welcome news, for sure, as I personally know several people who were concerned that there would be a backlog on the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is already Amazon’s #1 seller.  We’re thrilled to be able to ship Kindle Fire to our customers earlier than we expected. Kindle Fire quickly became the bestselling item across all of, and based on customer response we’re building millions more than we’d planned,said Dave Limp, Vice President,  Amazon  Kindle. Customers are excited about Kindle Fire because it is a premium product at the non-premium price of only  $199.According to their press release, some of the major bragging points for the Kindle Fire are as follows:

  • Over 100,000 movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video
  • Over 17,000,000 songs from Amazon MP3
  • Millions of books
  • Over 400 full-color magazines and newspapers
  • 100 exclusive graphic novels from DC Comics, including Watchmen, the best-selling graphic novel of all time
  • Several thousand apps and games, including  Netflix, Pandora,  Hulu  Plus, Rhapsody, and games from  Electronic Arts, Zynga and Rovio
  • A free month of Amazon Prime, which offers two-day shipping and access to nearly 13,000 movies and TV shows available to stream at no additional cost and exclusive access to over 5,000 popular books from the Kindle Owner’sLending Library  to read on any Kindle device at no additional cost and with no due dates
Amazon posted some high resolution pictures of the Kindle Fire. If you click on an image below, it will open the high resolution image so that you can get a nice close-up look at the screen.
Kindle Fire

Straight On View of the Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire from Angle

Kindle Fire

Kid Holding Kindle Fire

From many of the early reviews that I am seeing, everyone seems to be amazed at the simplicity of the device. There’s not a bunch of setup. There is only one button to fool with and that is the power button. Everything else is controlled on the screen. There are two external ports. One port is for charging and the other port is a headphone jack. Many people, including myself, believe this is the closest competition the iPad has in the tablet market. It isn’t without its flaws, though. One big one, in my book, is that it doesn’t have a camera on it. From my research, however, the lack of a camera is how they were able to reach the $199 price point. You have to admit, there’s a lot a positives included for such a low price.

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