Amazon’s Kindle Fire Even Hotter with Netflix, Pandora, and Others

The much anticipated Kindle Fire tablet has stirred a lot of buzz lately. The Android tablet debuts next week and, for those of us excited to see it, the deal seems to get sweeter all the time. Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire customers will instantly be able to download thousands of popular apps  including Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, Twitter, Comics by comiXology, Facebook, The Weather Channel and popular games from Zynga, EA, Gameloft, PopCap and Rovio all in one place.

When they engaged developers about the possibility of developing for the Kindle,  Dave Limp, Vice President of Amazon Kindle, said the “response has been overwhelming”. Limp also stated, “In addition to over 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and magazines from Amazon, we are excited to offer customers thousands of apps and games to choose from on Kindle Fire – from Pandora and Rhapsody to Facebook and Twitter to Netflix, as well as popular games from EA, Zynga and many other top game developers.” Several app developers also chimed in with quotes including  Bill Holmes, Vice President of Business Development at Netflix. Holmes stated, “We’re excited to team up with Amazon to give what we think will be a huge community of Kindle Fire owners the opportunity experience all that Netflix has to offer”.

Kindle Fire AppsThe beauty behind all of this is Amazon’s cloud. Amazon provides a single place to purchase and download these apps. You don’t have to go to several different vendors to register. Another huge plus is that since all of your purchases are stored on Amazon’s cloud storage, when you purchase from the Amazon Appstore, your purchase will be available to all of your Android devices. All of the apps available from Amazon have been tested to work on the Kindle so you can have  confidence  that you are getting a good product. They also state that Kindle Fire customers can get a free “paid” app every day.

Unless there are some unforeseen hardware hiccups with the Kindle Fire, it is looking more like the best Android tablet offering to date.  When combined with the simplicity of Amazon’s Appstore, the availability of thousands of Kindle books, and the additional features Amazon Prime offers, it’s hard to imagine a better offering in the Android market.

What do you think? Will the Kindle Fire live up to the hype? What features do you think will make or break this tablet? We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading Techie Buzz!

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